Thank you for your interest in our shaving scuttles.

Due to the extreme hot weather, it has made
making shaving scuttles very difficult to produce...
Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay.

The end of January may see shaving scuttles out the door again!

shaving scuttles australia
hgpottery australia

08 September 2016
- to commemorate 6 years of producing scuttles for the Australian wet shaver:


HG "Quantum"Scuttle
Price $75 Australian

plus $27 postage/handling

HG "Quantum" Scuttle:

USA and
International pricing is
on the HG Scuttles page)

Colours are at your choice as before.


Online Store

HGpottery @

Prices are in Australian Dollars plus postage

HG Small Snowflake
Shortbread Stamp

HG Large Snowflake
Shortbread Stamp

email me at:


Commissions Available:

If there is something you see and would like made,
please contact me via email:

hgpottery @

 Special Commissions:

Slouch Hat Tea Pot
Hotel Logo Shortbread Stamps
Family Crest

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