08 September 2016
- to commemorate 6 years of producing scuttles for the Australian wet shaver:

NEW WEBSITE:  www.shavingscuttlesaustralia.com

HG "Quantum"Scuttle
Price $75 Australian

plus $27 postage/handling

HG "Quantum" Scuttle:

USA and
International pricing is
on the HG Scuttles page)

Colours are at your choice as before.


Online Store

HGpottery @ yahoo.com.au

Prices are in Australian Dollars plus postage

HG Small Snowflake
Shortbread Stamp

HG Large Snowflake
Shortbread Stamp

email me at:



Commissions Available:

If there is something you see and would like made,
please contact me via email:

hgpottery @ yahoo.com.au

 Special Commissions:

Slouch Hat Tea Pot
Hotel Logo Shortbread Stamps
Family Crest

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